Laser Skin Rejuvenation

A revolutionary facial starting from $130 per session

The Medlite C6 Skin Rejuvenation Laser Facial is a non-ablative skin-resurfacing facial that offers fantastic results with no downtime – you can return straight to your normal day after a treatment. The Laser does not damage the outer layer of skin at all, so there is no risk of scarring or skin damage. Some experience slight redness, but this will pass within 5-10 minutes. If you are looking for an effective laser facial treatment, then this is for you!

What are the benefits?

Using the advanced technology of the Medlite C6 laser we are able to reduce wrinkles, refine pores and stimulate collagen. The Medlite C6 Laser Facial is also excellent for reducing acne scars, unwanted skin pigmentation and it helps to reverse the signs of sun damage.

No downtime – you can return straight to work!

Minimal discomfort – no anaesthetic required

Visually instant results – your skin will feel fresh, plump and your pores refined

Smooths and improves the texture of the skin

Can help to tone excess skin

Rebuilds collagen growth and helps to maintain longevity over time

No potent chemicals required

The MTR Laser Skin Rejuvenation Experience

At MTR we will provide you with a comprehensive skin analysis for the area to be treated. Once you are ready to go we will have you lay down on the treatment bed where we will place on your eye shields and prep your skin for the laser. The laser will pass over your face 3 times to ensure a thorough treatment. Once the laser facial is completed we will finish off with our range of Osmosis skin care products.


How often should I have a laser facial? It is recommended you have a series of 7-10 treatments to reach optimal results from your facials, and we recommend you space your treatments 2 weeks apart. If you don’t wish to have the full series of treatments, don?t worry, every single treatment will have a positive effect!

Does it hurt? No! You may feel some warmness, which has been described as hot rain hitting your face, but this will pass once the treatment is over.

What will I notice straight away? Your skin will feel fresher, smoother and plumper. If you have some pigmentation on your skin you may notice this go darker for the first 7-14 days. This is the pigmentation coming to the surface, where it will then slough off with your natural skin cycle.

Will my skin break out? Yes, sometimes your skin will break out for the next few days after a treatment. This is because the laser has pushed all of the congestion from inside your pores to the surface. You will notice blackheads appearing that you didn’t know you had, these can simply be scratched off as they have risen completely to the surface, leaving your pore free to go back to its normal size.


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